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What are the world’s top cities? Top Travel Advice conducts over 20,000 global polls each year to determine the World’s Best Cities to explore right now. It’s advantageous for you to research the world’s most popular cities, regardless of whether you’re a frequent traveler, travel blogger, or business in the travel sector. Checking out your “top trending spots” and “renowned cities” checklists will provide you with critical info about the types of adventures people are looking for and how to get them.

Activities include sports, nightlife, dining, theatre, the art galleries, and culture,” according to Fair. For those sorts of variables, there are no fundamental statistics. Six main characteristics, including Nature, Culture, Programming, Commodity, Wealth, and Promotion, were utilized to rank cities.


While the personal views of city dwellers are essential, additional factors are also taken into consideration. Below are a few primary factors of the world’s finest cities:

  • The Town’s sustainability
  • Spirit of civic passion Desirability of a region
  • Liveability
  • Cleaning
  • General protection

The World’s Best-Visited Cities

People no longer merely follow the herd. They instead build trends by seeking the ideal fit, according to the unique charms of these cities.

Here are the top cities in the world based on the survey’s ratings, which were revealed in this article:

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburg takes the prize for the best city in the world. With a towering hilltop castle, historic buildings, rolling green hills at Arthur’s Seat, and bustling cultural life, it’s not every day you stumble throughout a city that feels like something out of a Harry Potter movie set. The colorful, pleasant residents of the Scottish capital are just as attractive as the city.

The southeast of Scotland is home to the lovely but incredibly congested capital. Due to its thriving festivals, haunting castles, Victorian homes and villas, the presence of men in skirts, and reputation as being one of Europe’s most ghostly towns, Edinburgh is constantly packed with visitors.

It might be difficult to know where to begin in Edinburgh due to the numerous exciting activities to do. Edinburgh might be one of the best unusual cities to visit in the UK with its magnificent architecture, countless cobblestone backstreets, and stunningly beautiful castle perched atop a volcanic crater. Not to add the legendary Mars Bar that was deep-fried! Edinburgh truly offers a wealth of experiences to check off your Scotland wishlist.

My stay in Scotland has been nothing short of exciting, from taking on tough day hikes to touring, waterfront cocktails in Edinburgh to picnics on the Meadows!

This is a pleasant, welcoming city with a vibrant nightlife that promotes individuality in all communities. The city is ranked high all over the board and tops the list as the most picturesque city in the world (as per 95% of citizens) and the most walkable city (as per 93%). The ideal combination for tourists seeking to discover historical monuments, architecture, and scenic hotspots on foot.”

Dialing code: +44

Area: 264 km²

Population: 548,000 thousand (2022)

Currency: Pound Sterling

Continent: Europe

2. Medellín, Colombia

Medellin sometimes referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring,” provides much more simply pleasant weather all year long. It’s difficult to avoid making friends in Paisa since the residents are so enthusiastic about the city and fiercely proud that it is the only one in Colombia with a metro system. The nightlife in Medellin was rated as the greatest in the world in this year’s poll.

Another of Colombia’s finest picturesque cities is Medellin. There is no question of why this is the case given its hip culture, carefree attitude (plenty of fun parties! ), mild temperature, and moderately low travel costs.

I was in Medellin for a week, seeing both the daytime and nighttime cultures, walking the hills nearby, and eating and drinking my way across the city.

With endless nightclubs, bars, and upbeat DJs to get you going, you may top off all these good feelings by capping off your day with one of your life’s most memorable evenings.

One of the top spots for remote workers is Medellin, which is currently regarded as one of the world’s “it” cities. It is swamped by visitors, and a large number of foreigners, particularly young digital nomadic tribes, are relocating and living here. It has been the most diverse and multicultural city I have encountered in Colombia.

Medellín was ranked as the finest city in the world for nightlife (90%) and community spirit (97%) as well as for dining and drinking (where 97 percent of locals agree that the food and alcohol are good) (94 percent).

Dialing code: +57

Area: 382 km²

Population: 2.569 million (2020)

Currency: Colombian Peso

Continent: South America

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the ideal location in many respects. It’s big enough to encourage exploration yet comfortably accessible (or cyclable! ). It’s bursting with fantastic locations to see art and buy funky presents. Having nonstop flights accessible from the majority of U.S. locations, Amsterdam is a convenient destination for any European trip thanks to its stunning canals and top-notch museums. It is also ranked as the world’s 2nd most developed country.

  • The street of Amsterdam, Netherlands world best cities
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands world best cities
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city is well-known for its history, its intricate canal network, and the design of its very small buildings. More than simply inexpensive thrills are available in Amsterdam. You may stroll the walkways and discover the Old Center, Red Light, Dam Square, Grachtengordel, and Museum districts by foot or, more frequently, by bicycle.

Due to my good luck, I have traveled to Amsterdam twice, and each time, I fall more deeply in love. The number of canals and arched bridges, the rows of beautiful flats and townhouses that border the canals, the diversity of marketplaces and retail areas, the healthy cafés and rooftop wine bars, the ability to roam freely through the city and eat anywhere you like… Simply put, Amsterdam seems to possess everything.

The fact that 100% of Amsterdam citizens indicated they could comfortably explore the city on two wheels makes it the best place in the world for cyclists, which is something that will surprise no one at all.

Dialing code: +3120

Area: 219.3 km²

Population: 907,976 (2022)

Currency: Euro

Continent: Europe

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4. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, the groovier counterpart, is only a little more than an hour’s drive from the Scottish capital and doesn’t hold back in regard to doing something in its own manner. According to 78% of its citizens, Glasgow is now the hottest city on earth. There, enjoy unique spins on formal dining, fresh take on a night out, and live music that never ends. Moreover, 87% of people said it was not pricey, making it the second most cheap city.

This Scottish city, which is presently the fourth-largest in the UK after Leeds, Birmingham, and London, is well-known for its magnificent shopping, Gothic heritage, and modern art, among numerous other highlights.

While Glasgow may be less aesthetically beautiful overall as its nearby neighborhood of Edinburgh, I really warmed up to the city with every hour that went by. There is a huge amount of delicious cuisine to gorge on, the folks are really kind, beverages are reasonably priced, and the famous University is just as beautiful as everyone claims.

Although I knew my early trips would be fantastic, Glasgow came as a huge surprise and ended up being a highlight. I really enjoyed it! The street art was incredibly vibrant, and Smug, one of my current favorite street artists, created this crazy piece.

It’s easy to understand why Glasgow has been named “the nicest city in the world.” Additionally, it is the fifth-most traveled city in the UK and Scotland!

The city is also a pioneer in both vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and it is now hosted by several of the top meat-free eateries in the world, including The Glasvegan, Stereo, and Mono.

Dialing code: +141

Area: 175 km²

Population: 1,688,907 (2022)

Currency: Pound Sterling

Continent: Europe

5. Chicago, USA

Chicago, one of the biggest cities in America, is frequently disregarded in favor of the more glitzy, flashier cities like New York or Los Angeles. There is rarely a quiet moment in Chicago. Whether you wish to try world-class eating, party until four in the morning at famous clubs, enjoy the day basking in the sunshine on Lake Michigan, view famous artworks, or simply stroll through various neighborhoods (yes, even when winter rolls around).

Due to the bad weather, indoor cultural events like Second City comedy shows and trips to the Art Institute of Chicago and Field Museum are quite popular. The city has a unique metropolitan charm that can be observed in the sun beaming across Lake Michigan alongside the variety of people and neighborhoods strewn throughout its streets, packed with choices of great Hotels, restaurants, and clubs that promise a night you’ll remember, or maybe not.

It is often referred to as the “Windy City,” which is renowned for its exciting attractions and distinctive, modernity, which includes several high-rise structures. However, nobody is certain of this name’s actual history. Just be aware that the majority of people think it originates from winds coming into the city from Lake Michigan.

  • Chicago, USA world best cities
  • Chicago, USA world best cities
  • Chicago
  • Chicago
  • Chicago, USA world best cities
  • Chicago, USA world best cities
  • Chicago

In addition, this city is famed for its numerous museums and several magnificent churches and cathedrals with the biggest bell towers in the world. Even though Chicago is regarded as a costly tourist place in America in terms of transportation costs, lodging costs, and entry prices to attractions, you don’t necessarily need a lot of cash to visit this lovely city.

Nowadays, Chicago is a multicultural metropolis with a wide range of diverse racial, religious, and cultural groups, as well as cuisines, parks, and retail centers. The brand shops on the Magnificent Mile strip are the best places to browse if you want retail therapy.

There are several skyscrapers in Chicago to admire, including the Willis Tower, Aqua Tower, Tribune Tower, 875 North Michigan Avenue (formerly known as the John Hancock Center), and Chicago Water Tower. These structures combine modern and classic styles of architecture.

A staggering 96 percent of residents think favorably of Chicago’s cuisine and drink, which is the 5th-highest rating in the world, and 95 percent think highly of the city’s art and cultural sector.

Dialing code: +312

Area: 607.4 km²

Population: 2.699 million (2020)

Currency: US Dollar

Continent: America

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin genuinely has something to offer all sorts of travelers. The city’s iconic weekend-long celebrations are in full swing. German capital cities were never ideal for fine dining. Despite the pandemic’s impact on the city’s renowned nightlife, Berlin was actively rebuilding cultural institutions and creating new architecture.

Berlin is considered one of the best cities because it is a huge, thriving cultural center with a variety of people in every neighborhood, giving it a sense of unity. Smaller budgets are exceptionally well cared for, with everything from cutting-edge modern art exhibits to ground-breaking walking tours (just 10% of responses said the city was pricey).

Berlin will be perfect for you unless you’re some kind of traveler who enjoys creative energy, a wealth of history, and lively nightlife. Also helpful is the weather there. Berlin experiences very temperate seasons, with foggy but chilly winters and sunny but pleasant summers (June to August). Berlin is the finest explored between May and October, but you may also have a blast there in the winter.

Berlin is a terrific destination for a short adventure from everywhere in the globe since it has two international airports: Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF) in the city’s southeast and its subsidiary, BFG Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL), north-west of the central business district. The main square and the airports may be reached via taxis, trains, and buses.

As I was traveling across Europe on a road trip because I’m from Germany, I made the decision to stop in Berlin to check what all the controversy was about since the more I heard about it, the more intrigued I became. Now I see why people adore this location.

Never has there been a better time to explore the city: from June to August. A pass that includes trains, trams, and buses costs just €9 per month. Additionally, Berliners like its public transportation system, with 97% of voters rating it as excellent or very good.

Dialing code: +49

Area: 891.8 km²

Population: 3,571,000 (2022)

Currency: Euro

Continent: Europe

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7. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a historic city, and there is no denying its charm. The city is famous for its ancient buildings, thriving art, and delectable cuisine. Plaza Mayor, Museo Nacional del Prado, Buen Retiro Park, and Madrid’s Royal Palace are a few of the city’s most stunning attractions. Walking along its broad main streets or through the galleries of the Reina Sofia or Prado museums are the best ways to discover Spain’s capital on foot.

The Plaza Mayor is the most stunning location in Madrid. Such a well plaza is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by majestic buildings that date back to the 16th century. There are a staggering number of upscale restaurants and nightclubs in the city, offering a variety of tastes and every cuisine imaginable.

Madrid, which I consider to be the center of Spain, is a city I am well familiar with. Geographically the heart of the nation, it serves as a hub for travel and employment, and over the years, I’ve pretty well always passed through as well. It is a huge hub for ex-pats and is where so many of my friends live. I am well familiar with it.

Madrid is, in my opinion, the true Spain. Madrid is the peak of Spanish culture. Madrid is a highly livable, vibrant city with fantastic food, excellent arts and culture, ancient districts, cute old man bats, wonderful shopping, and extremely enjoyable events, not to mention it’s the hub for almost any place. I miss it very much, especially in the summer!

The Top Travel Advice suggests their city for all the important elements of a wonderful getaway; 94% of visitors appreciate the cuisine and drink in the Spanish capital. 95% feel proud of its art and culture because of the top-notch museums. 86% of citizens think the nightlife is great.

Dialing code: +3491

Area: 604.3 km²

Population: 6,714,000 (2022)

Currency: Euro

Continent: Europe

8. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia, contrasts majestic, lavish royal culture with frantic, contemporary large urban activity. The Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Art Museum, and the opulent Bolshoi Theatre are all located in this area, which is also where Russia’s heart beats.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium and the city’s 360-acre Olympic complex are two of the globe’s most stunning events. They both contribute to the Kremlin’s aspirations for the world. Moscow now ranks #4 for Airport Connectivity, up one point from the previous year, making it simple for the interested and adventurous to go to all these activities.

Because of its distinctively constructed architecture, this city provides a wonderful illustration of the Romantic style. This location includes several outstanding galleries and museums so that guests may learn everything about the city. The art museum, the Moscow Museum of Art, as well as the contemporary museum, are all reasonably accessible. Many restaurants serve the greatest cuisine from many cultures so that tourists can just relax and take it all in.

In this society, grandeur rules the day, and luxury is valued above all else. In contrast to other cities throughout the world, Moscow has impressive, towering structures, lush, sizable parks, and even unique-looking metro stations.

Parks are also now being discussed: Zaryadye, the city’s first large park to open since the end of World War II, was dedicated three years ago on almost 20 grassy acres next to the Kremlin, nicely timed as a break from socially isolating urban living. This multi-level venue is purposefully created to be a meeting place in the heart of Mother Russia and includes a museum, performance auditorium, and underground food hall.

Dialing code: +7-495

Area: 2,511 km²

Population: 11.92 million

Currency: Rouble

Continent: Europe

9. Los Angeles, USA

Massive mountains that fall to the Pacific Ocean define Los Angeles’ natural beauty. Additionally, it is concerned with artistic beauty, including the best-performing arts, the movie business, museums, street art, culinary arts, architecture, and culture. One may find a real Tower of Babel of languages in Los Angeles by just walking down any street, from Spanish and Korean to Armenian and Arabic.

Sun-kissed beaches, relaxed neighborhoods, and posh Tinseltown all are features of Los Angeles. The City of Angels is dynamic, varied, and multi-faceted. Hollywood is known for its glitz and glamour, but Santa Monica and Venice Beach are also known for their bohemian Southern California atmosphere and riding scene.

Additionally, the city is in a position to raise its #17 Product rating.
Last fall saw the formal opening of the new SoFi Stadium. The NFL’s largest stadium is at 3.1 million square feet and will serve as the home field for the Rams and Chargers. In February 2022, the Super Bowl took place there.

In this city, you can get Michelin-starred cuisine on one corner and $2 tacos on the next. It is home to some of the most elegant modern residences in America, a Frank Gehry music hall, and a movie theatre fashioned after a Chinese palace.

90% of LA citizens praised the city’s cuisine and beverages, while 87 percent praised the range of things to do. An amazing 87 percent of respondents thought The City of Angels was unique.

Dialing code: +213 

Area: 1,299 km²

Population: 3.973 million (2020)

Currency: US dollar

Continent: North America

10. London, England

This city offers so much to do that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Diversity and culture are at the core of what makes this thriving capital so great, with no shortage of enjoyable activities available no matter what you are into. Each year, millions of visitors see London’s finest sights, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. London’s public transportation system, which makes it simple to move around the city without the need for a car, is part of what makes it such a delight to visit.

This Southern historical city is renowned for its lovely streets, fantastic shopping, and top-notch eating. Charleston offers a variety of fun activities, such as waterfront walks and trips to Fort Sumter. I’m eager to offer you the Holy City’s outstanding features.

London not only has a tonne of historical landmarks and cultural hubs, but it also has a flourishing food culture and nightlife. London may really be rather addicting; the more you visit, the more you’ll want to return.

London is famous for its districts and notable markets, including the Camden Market and the Borough Market, both of which have been in operation since the 13th century and have tiny vendor shops offering food and regional items.

The diversity of things to do in London is thought to be the city’s strongest selling factor (94% of locals agree), earning it the top rank internationally. The city also came in second for population (94% indicated this, while Toronto citizens give their city an even higher rating) and for art, culture, and museums (96% of Londoners questioned singled this out). It is the third-best city in the world for having fun and expressing yourself (85% of the population).

Dialing code: +020

Area: 1,572 km²

Population: 9,541,000 (2022)

Currency: Pound sterling

Continent: Europe

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