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Toronto, Top things to do in Toronto
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Since Toronto has so many fantastic attractions to see, it’s no wonder that people frequently believe it to be Canada’s capital city when it’s Ottawa. The largest city in Canada is located in the considerably bigger province of Ontario, which is situated between the states of Quebec and Manitoba.

Walking around Toronto’s different neighborhoods will allow you to explore the city’s many areas, which have evolved into quite the melting pot for cuisine and culture over the years.

As the only Canadian city to host 7 major league sporting events, Toronto also appeals to enthusiastic sports fans worldwide with year-round games of all big sports, including hockey, basketball, and soccer.
Despite having a population of just under 3 million, there are areas of the city where you could feel alone since it is so big and sprawled out across so much space.

Toronto is undoubtedly a Canadian destination not to be missed, with its luscious green areas, beachfront shoreline on Lake Ontario, fashionable neighborhoods with amazing restaurants and theatres, and much more.

This was just my second trip to Canada; a few years ago, I visited the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. I adored Toronto. I was impressed by the local people, food, and culture. More on it later, but I even enjoyed one of the nicest Thai dinners I’ve ever had here.
The people of Toronto were wonderful; they were a genuine pleasure for me. I had the impression that I could have gotten along well with everyone.

Additionally, I’ve been advised that the rest of the nation is even friendlier than Toronto.

How To Get To Toronto?

By Car

Toronto is easily accessed from many Canadian cities as well as from places in the United States on the other side of the border, whether you rent a vehicle or drive your own.

For instance, it only takes 8 hours to travel from Toronto to New York City, Philadelphia, or Chicago and just 4 hours to get from Toronto to Detroit.

If you’re considering taking a cross-country vacation through Canada, many individuals opt to rent a motorhome in Ontario or Toronto before continuing their journey. This is one of the most excellent transportation methods, but if you’ve already rented an RV, make sure you get lodging in Toronto that has private parking.

By Plane

The Toronto Pearson International Airport is the city’s primary international airport. If you travel into the city, you should surely arrive at this airport because it serves as Canada’s main center for international connections.

Toronto is accessible daily nonstop from a number of Canadian and American locations.

By Train

You might be able to get a non-stop trip with a smaller airline that lands at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport if you’re coming from another Ontario city, a neighboring province, or a nearby state.

If you’re coming from outside of Canada, Via Rail has rail services from various provinces that stop in Toronto.

Toronto and New York are both served by Amtrak by train.

By Bus

The two main long-distance transport companies that operate services from various locations in Canada and the United States are Greyhound and Megabus.

How to Travel From Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to the City Center

If you take a flight to Toronto and land at Pearson International, you’ll learn that the airport is not very near the city core and that you will have to figure out how to get there.

Express transportation links Pearson and Union Station with the Union-Pearson Express. It takes roughly 25 minutes and leaves from the airport every 15 minutes.

In addition, to express buses between the airport and downtown, Go Transport and TTC also offer bus service between Pearson International and several of the city’s suburbs.

Getting Around Toronto

Renting A Car

Car rental is an excellent choice if you desire the option of being able to go at your own leisure without the trouble of having to buy bus and train tickets and stand in line at bus and train terminals.

Just keep in mind that it’s also the most expensive method of transportation, Toronto traffic can be chaotic, and parking may occasionally be difficult to come by.

Bus Or train

Buses, subways, and trains are operated on numerous routes all across the city by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

Due to the integration of buses and trains, any transfers required to reach your location from a bus to a train are free.

Other Methods Of Getting Around Toronto

  • Guided Walking Tour It is a fantastic method for discovering a city’s heritage and culture.
  • Bicycle In some ways, traveling across Toronto by bike is simpler and quicker than by car or public transportation!
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour This allows you to board and exit the vehicle as many as you like to take in the city’s attractions. With a 48-hour pass, you may hop on and off at popular tourist destinations to see Toronto’s top attractions. It costs $49 and it will take you to several of Toronto’s greatest attractions, including Casa Loma, as well as a complimentary harbor tour. This will help you see the highlights quickly.
  • Public Transportation Fares for public transportation are $3.25. It costs $3 to purchase tokens or a Presto Card.
    • Toronto Transit Pass – You can purchase a day- or a week-long Toronto Transit Pass. A Presto card is a fantastic alternative if you anticipate staying for a long time.

  • Bike Share Toronto For quick trips, use Toronto Bike Share. The cost of a day pass is $7. The fact that a pass is for 24 hours but allows for limitless 30-minute rides is significant. As a result, there are additional charges beyond 30 minutes. To move from point A to point B, it is, therefore, preferable to use them. The good thing is that most attractions are not far from rental stations.
  • Parking When parking in Toronto, choose Green Ps; they offer the greatest price, and you can download the app.
  • Uber In America, Lyft is less expensive; but, in Toronto, Uber is less expensive, and the drivers we’ve spoken to indicate they prefer Uber to Lyft. (It contradicts what American drivers have told us. How interesting!

Where to stay in Toronto?

The city is your oyster when that concerns lodging choices in Toronto. From the sociable, inexpensive backpackers. The chic but comfortable boutique hotels are ideal for a weekend getaway. Of course, there are also the ultimate luxury hotels and resorts, where you may enjoy everyday pampering while visiting. Locations vary from the center of the entertainment area in old heritage buildings to brand-new construction at The Beaches.

Spa days, top-notch restaurants, and accommodations with ideal city views are just a few of the amenities available to help you get the most out of your stay. Picking a place to stay and ripping yourself away when it’s time to go will be the most challenging aspects of finding lodging in Toronto.

Low Range

Although Toronto is occasionally criticized for its exorbitant rates, Saintlo Toronto Hostel is the best option for travelers on a tight budget. Even with no membership card, buying a bed at this hostel would still save you money for activities because it is a member of the Hostelling International chain of hostels.

When visiting Toronto, HI-Toronto is the ideal place to reside. They provide luxurious (on a budget) single rooms, all-female or all-male quad rooms, and 10-bed mixed dorms. The old historic building in the center of downtown has a genuine backpacker vibe with a dash of charm and a side of hipster trend that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Don’t forget to stop by the Cavern bar for a well-earned drink after a day of Toronto adventures.

Mid Range

The Bond Place Hotel is the ideal “in-between” hotel located in the middle of Younge & Dundas. There is parking at this hotel, along with a fitness center, a first-rate concierge service to assist you in choosing the finest activities to do in Toronto, and opulent interior design.

There are accommodations to fit every sort of traveler without breaking the budget, including modern twin rooms, romantic king suites, and fireplace-equipped suites—perfect for those chilly Canadian winters. It is the ideal lodging option after a day (and night) of Toronto touring if your desire is to enjoy all that the city has to provide in terms of food, art, and the famed nightlife.


If you’re seeking a taste of luxury lodging, the Fairmont Royal York is certainly a standout among hostels in Toronto.

The hotel, which is spread out over 11 stunning golden floors, has everything from standard rooms—which are still anything but that—to luxurious suites and enchanted gold floor rooms for Fairmont chain members who have gold cards. Although there are many accommodation types at Royal York, the level of service is always the same.

Whether it’s the barista pouring your coffee, the receptionist attending to your demands at all hours, or the gold status concierge team carefully listing off everything to do in Toronto throughout your stay, the employees at this hotel will make every effort to convert each minute into a memory.

You may choose from a variety of the hotel’s dining establishments, including the main restaurant Reign, and the lobby bar, which has just undergone renovations and has been renamed the Clockwork Champagne Lounge.

It will be difficult to leave the comforts of the property because of the abundance of facilities, but don’t let that stop you from exploring everything Toronto has to offer.

where to eat in Toronto?

Toronto is a cultural melting pot, which results in a fantastic food and drink scene. From small, family-run noodle shops in Chinatown to inexpensive dining options at Kensington Market. Everyone will be impressed by the downtown’s new and innovative restaurants, and the area’s upscale eateries are ideal for any special event.

Toronto’s cuisine scene is well-known across the nation and should not be missed. You’ll be able to fulfill any craving you may have here. There is a restaurant in Toronto for each and every taste, celebration, and budget. Wear those elastic-waisted pants because one of the finest ways to see a city is by eating your way through it.


If you enjoy great cuisine and saving cash in your pocket, head to this Kensington Market taqueria that accepts just cash. Don’t let the line out the door deter you from Seven Lives Taqueria’s inexpensive Baja-style tacos (cash only, though).

Fair enough, there are only 2 tables, and you can’t resist a taco at $5 (or less).

Mid Range

The ideal location for a hearty, delectable, and reasonably priced supper is Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza.

The menu is extensive but classic, with everything from calzones to dessert pizzas and smokey wood-fired pizzas. Take a glass of wine and indulge in certain comforting Italian cuisine.


Alo is a restaurant that is perched atop a stunning historical building in the center of Toronto.

A modern French restaurant with a cocktail bar that offers multi-course tasting menus, an a la carte menu, and wine pairings from top-notch sommeliers. A lovely setting for a memorable event while in Toronto.

Top Things to Do in Toronto

You ought to have a list of things to do in Toronto because a city of this size naturally has a lot to offer its tourists.
Catch a sporting event, visit City Hall or the Toronto Zoo, or climb to the top of the renowned CN Tower.

Or perhaps it’s discovering the incredible bar and restaurant culture in the city or visiting institutions like the Royal Ontario Museum.

Perhaps you’d like to enjoy several-day excursions from Toronto to the Toronto Islands or Niagara Falls to have a little time exploring outside of the city.
It will be fantastic whatever you decide to do in Toronto!

Here is a fantastic list of things to do in Toronto for your next vacation to this wonderful Canadian city to ensure you do not really forget anything.

1. Enjoy the CN Tower’s View from the Top

It is reasonable to assume that there is a strong possibility you will be able to admire the famed CN Tower wherever you are in Toronto. Among the best things to do when visiting Toronto is to visit the CN Tower, no pun intended! This city center observation deck rises about 555 meters above the ground and is the ideal location to take in some breathtaking panoramic views.

For 32 years, the CN Tower owned the global record for the highest free-standing building before the famed Burj Khalifa overtook it.

CN Tower, Toronto, top things to do in Toronto
CN Tower, Toronto

In addition to dining at the CN Tower’s observation deck, travelers may also reserve a table at the 360 Restaurant, where they can enjoy delicious meals while spherically seeing the city. The Edge Walk, the highest full-circle freehand walk in the world, is the newest addition for all of you who are daring enough even to experience it. It involves visitors walking around the CN Tower’s main pod and out onto a ledge that is 5 feet wide. Any activity you choose to partake in at the CN Tower will be a memorable one.

CN Tower, Toronto, top things to do in Toronto
CN Tower, Toronto

Address –  290 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3LP
Cost – Cost of general admission tickets: $43 for adults and $30 for children.
Timing – 10 am to 9 pm everyday
Directions – TTC to Untion Station, then walk East on Front Street

Guided tour – Best Guided tour of CN Tower

Useful Information

2. Discover Casa Loma

Do you know there is a castle in Toronto? A local banker named Sir Henry Pellatt erected Casa Loma in 1911 as his personal mansion. It was a luxurious home that measured 64,700 square feet and had 98 rooms (6,011 m2).
It has a coach house and stables, and now it is a well-liked tourist destination. Even a tunnel of 800 feet leads to the stables. You may explore the different suites or eat at the Terrace Grill, the BlueBlood Steamhouse, or Liberty Café for coffee and snacks.

Today, Casa Loma serves as a museum devoted to this important historical site. You may discover all there is to know about the castle and the historical individuals connected with it on a visit.

You may also go inside and look around. There are wonderful rooms that are currently on exhibition, such as the Girl Guide Room and the Oak Room, as well as hidden tunnels.

The outside grounds include a tunnel that connects to the Hunting Lodge, where the stables are located, and five acres of exquisite gardens. A display of old cars is also present there.

Address – 1 Austin Terrace

Direction –  Take Subway Line 1 to St. Claire Station, then stroll west to Casa Loma.

Guided tour – Best Guided tour of Casa Loma

Useful Information

3. Go to Nathan Phillips Square to View the Sign

The location is perfect for you if you enjoy a great neon sign! In Toronto, there is a charming urban plaza with a fantastic water feature and numerous fountains that confront the stunning Toronto City Hall building.

After the 2015 Pan American Games, the sign was supposed to be removed. It had been put up for the occasion. The city council decided to keep it there and add the well-known maple leaf because the general people appreciated it so much.

Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto comes alive at night only when the lighting in the Toronto sign changes colors. It’s a terrific spot to people-watch, enjoy lunch, or capture a photo.

In addition to all of this, there are numerous events held here every year.
A skating rink is available during the holidays, as well as farmer’s markets, fashion exhibitions, outdoor concerts, and Christmas markets. Of course, you should also see the magnificent City Hall structure.

If you come to Toronto during that time, you may also anticipate taking part in a great New Year’s Eve celebration there.

A distinctive Toronto attraction that should not be missed.

Nathan Phillips Square
Nathan Phillips Square

Guided tour – Best Guided tour of Nathan Phillips Square

Best Guided Tour

4. Take the ship to the Toronto Islands

A group of little islands in Lake Ontario is just a short boat ride from the port in Toronto. The three largest islands are Centre Island, Wards Island, and Hanlan’s Point out of a total of 15. The Toronto Islands are all fantastic possibilities for day trips, but Centre Island boasts the greatest activities and sights.
When it’s a warm summer day and you just want to go to the beach, the Toronto Islands are the ideal getaway from the concrete jungle.

Toronto Islands, top things to do in toronto
Toronto Islands

On the Toronto Islands, there are some fantastic walks and the Centerville amusement park, which is located on Centre Island. You can catch local and a few international flights at Billy Bishop Airport, which is situated right on the Toronto Islands (to the United States).

No trip to Toronto would be complete without going to the islands, in terms of things to do.

5. Make a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Toronto, drawing more than a million people annually.

The Royal Ontario Museum should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do in Toronto as it is among the biggest museums in both Canada and all of North America.
A good perk, if you’re hoping to save some money on your vacation to Toronto, is that on the third Monday of each month, guests will be admitted free of charge.

The museum houses sections on dinosaurs, Canadian and European antiquities, works of African and Asian art, and the world’s biggest lovely display of Burgess Shale fossils.

In addition to everything else, the Royal Ontario Museum is home to a fantastic and enormous variety of works of design, fine art, and art deco. With more than 6,000,000 objects and 40 galleries to browse, everyone who visits will undoubtedly be able to find something.

The website of the Royal Ontario Museum highlights any current special exhibitions.

Black Creek Pioneer Village in North York, an open-air museum devoted to the history and legacy of the region, is another place history enthusiasts can check out.

Location –  100 Queens Park, Toronto, M5S 2C6
Fee –  General entry is $23 for adults and $18 for children.
Timing – 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day; closed on Mondays

Guided tour – Best Guided tour of Royal Ontario Museum

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6. Get away from High Park’s Concrete Jungle or the Toronto Zoo

Sometimes, going to a big city means giving up the chance to spend time outside.

With Toronto, though, this isn’t the case!

Both gleaming skyscrapers and lush green areas may be found throughout the city, with High Park being the most well-known park. 161 hectares of walking paths, ponds, cultural landmarks, sports fields, and even a swimming pool can be found at High Park. You can find a tonne of things to do in Toronto all in one spot when you visit High Park. But in addition to High Park, there are other parks.

The same-named park in the Trinity Bellwoods neighborhood is a nice spot to exercise, walk the dog, or choose a seat to rest and enjoy views of the city and the CN Tower.

There are two baseball diamonds, seven tennis courts, a pool, many jogging tracks, and other athletic facilities at Riverdale Park East. Cycling is ideal at Canoe Landing Park, and Sunny Brook Park connects to the Toronto Botanical Garden, giving you access to 2-4-1 parks. The Toronto Botanical Garden itself is a lovely place to visit and is situated in North York.

The Toronto Zoo is a top destination for getting away from the city, despite not being a park in the traditional sense. The biggest zoo in Canada is the one in Toronto! For a day of learning about conservation and awe-inspiring animal viewing, visit the Toronto Zoo.

7. The Hockey Hall of Fame offers a Tour Among the Greats

Going to tour the Hockey Hall of Fame is among the top things to do in Toronto whether you’re a lover of hockey or even simply sports in general. This museum is host to the storied Stanley Cup and is devoted to hockey, Canada’s favorite and most traditional sport.

The Hockey Hall of Fame was built in 1943 and welcomed its first class of inductees in 1945. It is a place of legends, important events in hockey history, and genuine pride for the whole country of Canada.

You may take a tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame and discover more about the origins of the sport and how it relates to both Canadian and popular culture.

Of course, you’ll see everyone who has been honored since the organization’s founding.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-see attraction for sports fans since it has 15 exhibits spread across 60,000 sq ft, including an engaging section where you can practice your slapshot abilities and get advice from professionals.
The Stanley Cup is kept here for the majority of the year unless it is traveling with the champion team, in which case a replica is placed in its stead.

Address – 30 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1X8
Cost – $25 for adults and $15 for kids
Timing – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Daily

Useful Information

8. Take a Flight Just Before Sunset

Not that we wish you to leave Toronto right now, mind you. In no way!

But we do want you to see a gorgeous sunset at a location where we can also watch Billy Bishop Airport’s takeoffs and landings from a wonderful vantage point.

Coronation Park is a wonderful area to take your camera out at sunset because it is situated throughout the lake from Toronto Island and the airport that is located here. Pass past lovely yachts in the marina as you go down the Martin Goodman walk to the lakeside.

You’ll be at Coronation Park when the sun starts to set, so you can view the jet land and take off. If you want to walk further, you may link from this park to the walkway that leads to the harbor front in the center of the city, another amazing spot to watch the sunset.

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