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Visit to Matterhorn
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The Matterhorn is among the most iconic mountain peaks in the world due to its distinctive pyramid shape. It is one of roughly 80 mountains higher than 4,000 meters at 14,692 feet (4,478 meters), making it the 12th-highest peak in the Alps. The mountain’s four different faces help it stand out from its nearby neighbors and give it a point. Even while the Matterhorn has been most strongly identified in Switzerland (just look at the Toblerone chocolate emblem), the peak spans the boundary between Switzerland and Italy, just the southern side being in Italy.

The journey begins in Zermatt, a little alpine town beneath the famed Matterhorn peak. Zermatt is a hub for more travel of the adjacent slopes and cliffs. It is a car-free, but a not carefree, village. Zermatt has just much everything you could want in terms of eating and shopping, and with its industrialization, the town still has a mountain village feel to it due to the charming and vibrant wooden buildings. But you didn’t arrive for that reason.

The Gornergrat Railway or the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Cable Car are two well-liked ways to go into the Alps to see the Matterhorn up close.

I decided to ride the Gornergrat Railway across Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Though it was a difficult choice, I don’t believe there is any wrong answer!

climbing to the Matterhorn
climbing to the Matterhorn

I selected it in part because I wanted to see the Matterhorn reflected in Riffelsee Lake, which is only a quick hike (15–20 minutes) from one of the railway stops. You may avoid crowds and have ideal weather by arriving as near to daybreak as you can.

A beautiful image of the Matterhorn might be seen in the clear waters when the breeze calms and the clouds separate. Even if I wasn’t nearly as fortunate, I’m still not mad about these sights! As soon as I arrived in Gornergrat in the Alps, the sights were spectacular. Clear, white clouds and snow were below me. The Matterhorn was just in front of me. It was difficult to resist taking pictures of everything in your surroundings. I think that I’ve ever visited a location as breathtaking.

I started hiking and explored the magnificent view in excitement rather than stopping at the gift store so I could look at the Matterhorn from different angles. In search of some peace, I wandered off the trails. Made the Hike to Riffelsee Lake. I took a break at one of the mountain cafés for a few appetizers and coffees. A few stores at any prices they want because it’s Switzerland and, in the Alps, and a ledge from which you can see the glaciers and mountains in the area. A few sluggish, thin St. Bernard dogs with those tiny barrels under their chin stand for photos as if they had ever saved anyone saving their ski bum owners from having to work for life. While doing so, take in the iconic height.

I had been quite lucky with the weather all morning. The ideal moment to begin your day is early if you want to see the mountains in the afternoon before the clouds roll in. That’s precisely what occurred beginning at 3 o’clock. I was very grateful that the day had been sunny and clear up until that time.

I’ve spent the day and am now back in Zermatt after a brief break at a mountain hut for a beer. You could imagine that a relaxing picnic would need 10–12 hours of climbing hills. My thighs and knees, as well as my toes and calves, beg to differ. up next week. A person who has played sports his entire life will not be shocked by the value of wearing the right shoes and stretching—an idiotic act. Although a few days of sore feet and legs are acceptable, the landscape more than makes up for it.

Ways to Reach Matterhorn

The Gornergrat Railway or the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Cable Car are two well-liked ways to go into the Alps to see the Matterhorn up close.

In 1898, the Gornergrat Railway became the first all-electric cog railway in the world. It takes 30 minutes to travel from a railway station in Zermatt to the 3,089-meter Gornergrat station. As you ride, you may fling open the windows and observe the Matterhorn from all sides. Along the trip, you may stop at a few lakes, hiking paths, and eateries in the mountains. 29 peaks above 4,000 meters high may be seen from the highest observation deck.


Visitors are taken to the highest cable car station in Europe by the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Due to year-round access to the Theodul Glacier for skiing, it is a well-liked vacation spot for skiers. At the peak, there is a café and an ice tunnel with ice sculptures. Identical to the railroad, the cable cars have stops throughout the route. 38 peaks taller than 4,000 meters can be seen.

Both are expensive, costing about $100 fare per person (after all, this is Switzerland!).

One piece of Advice:

Start out by purchasing only one ticket up into the mountains. We ended up hiking half of the way down the mountain to another station after reaching the top. The price of the next ticket will be less expensive than it would have been if you had first purchased a full ticket.

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