Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight

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I liked Cappadocia because of the region’s scenery, vibrant rock colors, & striking shapes that nature’s wrath has carved out over many thousands of years. Though I am unsure of when certain of us might travel to the parched landscapes of the Moon or Mars, Cappadocia is certainly among the few places on Earth that may match an unearthly experience.

There are plenty of activities to experience in Cappadocia, like hiking, exploring underneath towns and tunnels, and enjoying the hospitality and delicious meals of a cave hotel, but a hot air balloon trip can’t be missed. The greatest way to experience this region’s layers of rock, valleys, and distinctive environment is from above.

Whenever I came on my very first balloon trip to Cappadocia, I felt a little nervous. I was just more concerned about the possibility of disappointment than rather or not that huge picnic basket, attached to a balloon filled solely with hot air, can hold us. Among the most Instagrammed experiences on the globe is a hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia. It has earned a high spot on many tourists’ wish lists thanks to countless gorgeous photographs of beautiful people taking photos in front of stunning balloons.

As a part of our 10-day journey to Turkey, my friend and I visited Cappadocia. We took short hikes to various places in Cappadocia and also traveled all around the picturesque region. The hot air balloon flight, though, left a lasting impression on both of us.

View from Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight
View from Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight

My friend’s ride day had a little wind, but mine was quiet, and the landing was incredibly gentle. We both enjoyed our flights, which were organized through Dragonfly Balloons.

The Adventure Begins

This was going to be my first time riding in a hot air balloon, so I was pleased. For an adventure seeker like me, a hot air balloon flight is a very low-key experience, but I was looking for the amazing rock formations and valleys I would be able to see from the high.

I awoke at an early hour of the day. The hot air balloon firm set up by the cave hotel where we were staying, Dragonfly Balloons, sent a pick-up on time. I quickly arrived at the location just like dawn was beginning to break. I was happy that I had thought to put on a light jacket because it was a little chilly.

For no apparent reason, I somehow had the thought that the balloon would be prepared and that we’d simply get inside and take off! A LARGE balloon was lying on the ground, and efforts were being made to fill this with gas. Let me correct your expectations: filling the gas doesn’t happen quickly; it takes time.

The skipper gave us some instructions as things were getting ready, including how to hold onto the basket and simple advice like not to bend or the proper landing position.

The balloon began to rise as the gas filled it, like a huge puppet raising its head. It was a suspenseful scenario. The orange and yellow hues in the sky were about to take over.

Thick ropes were used to secure the basket to the ground. We all went over to it and climbed in. The company rejoiced as the balloon started to ascend into the sky after the captain released the cords. Uncertain of what might happen, but enjoying the feeling of being a spectator. However, our tiny wicker basket gracefully and elegantly drifted away from them, taking with it all thoughts of Lüdeniz or worries about capturing the perfect Instagram photo.


The moment you rise through the air and notice there are roughly 50 balloons all around you, the feeling that you were alone in this wide area fades. We had come during the off-season. I was told that there are now twice as many balloons as there were before.

Even though the sky is busy, the balloons aren’t blocking your view of the landscapes below or competing for space. And as all of those colorful balloons soar into the sky and float above, there is a certain harmony to be savored. The burning burners directly above my head were extremely hot and loud. The annoyance of a girl’s selfie stick is in the way all the time. Balloons in great numbers generously color the sky.

I had a decent orientation of the area from driving all over the previous day and could quickly identify the Deverant Valley, Zelve Valley, Rose Valley, and Red Valley. To truly believe it, you must see the striking landforms and the wild surroundings.

The ride is heavily dependent on the weather that day. My day was almost ideal. We had just enough breeze to push us to great heights. But the wind wasn’t strong enough to make the adventure unpleasant.


I was fearing the worst when we landed. So, when the pilot informed us that we had landed, I was tightly grasping the basket, braced, butt in my neighbor’s crutch, and holding on for dear life.

A very flawless landing was made possible by the nearly ideal weather circumstances. The captain advised us to forego the landing place because of this. We landed on the ground and clambered out of the basket to another round of applause.

I wasn’t feeling anything, so this was new to me. But the truly wonderful moment came when I stood up and realized we had landed directly on a tiny trailer that was barely larger than the basket. This must have been the equivalent of the perfect parallel park in the world of Cappadocia hot air balloon landings.

When we arrived, there was lunch waiting for us. Yes, the captain had successfully made a landing not far from the picnic table. Everyone had arrived too early to eat anything, but fresh juice, fruit, and light nibbles were welcome.

Additionally, the hot air balloon company dropped me off at my cave hotel. I returned with some beautiful pictures and much lovelier memories.

Tips for Hot-Air Ballon

Families must confirm the exact age with their operator because children under the age of 7 or 8 are not allowed on a hot air balloon. Even if it’s allowed, make sure your child has a strong grip on the basket.

Even adults should maintain their composure during the journey, and there is no need to fight for position for pictures. You have more than enough time throughout the journey to take pictures of the breathtaking scenery.

hot air balloons
hot air balloons

There is nothing to be afraid of because most rides are calm and leisurely, even those with some wind. In the beginning, you receive a briefing on the landing position. But keep in mind that if the weather changes, the ride can get uncomfortable. Although it is safe, a person who has a severe fear of heights would want to avoid it.

  • A flight of an hour is enjoyable. Take the shorter, 1-hour flight rather than the lengthier one if you need to save money.
  • Carry a shawl or light jacket. To start, the weather is chilly and windy. And when the sun beams brighter, the temperature rises.
  • Be prepared for the balloon company’s pick-up when it arrives. They arrive quickly.
  • In the event that flights are canceled on any given day, prices skyrocket. It’s possible that you’ll have to pay substantially more than you planned, perhaps even twice as much.
  • In case the first balloon ride is canceled, reserve a backup ride for Day 3 with flexible cancellation on Day 1 as well.

Depending on the operator, the fee per person is currently between $125 and $200.


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