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We included helpful facts and our useful Louvre travel advice in this post to guide tourists to one of the biggest museums in the world. Here are details of my visit to the Louvre and how I planned our day at the museum.

The Louvre Museum, one of the biggest museums and also the source of amazing paintings, should not be missed if you are in Paris. The most significant and diverse collection of works of art may be discovered at the Louvre. There is art for everyone in the Louvre, including the Mona Lisa, Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, Venus de Milo, and Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss. Without visiting the Louvre Museum, one cannot experience Paris.

I’m not a fan of museums. That does not mean that I have no interest in natural history, science, art, or other topics covered at the museums. Stated, I lack the patience to focus on one item for a long period. For some reason, I’m not physically capable of it, after only a short amount of standing still my back hurts, and I have a spine problem. Whereas I can walk for a lot longer before having any back issues.

A trip to the Louvre Museum cannot be fully put into words. The sculptures were stunning, and the paintings were so lovely. It is much more than a museum; rather, it is an artistic voyage through history.

The museum of all museums is the Louvre. A trip to the Louvre Museum cannot be fully put into words. The sculptures were stunning, and the paintings were so lovely. It is more than a museum; it is an artistic voyage through history.

The Louvre Museum is gigantic. Even though we had done thorough research on it before our trip, I was nevertheless aware of its size until I came. But even viewing the most well-known pieces might take many hours.

On a wintry day when it was pouring and the air was cool and wet, I went to the Louvre for the first time. As soon as I entered the room, I felt warm. Then, when I saw the artwork in the massive museum, I was carried away.

The Louvre Museum is quite well structured and has around 38,000 objects divided into eight major galleries including the Ancient East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Etruscans, Art of Islam, Art, Sculpture, The Art of Printing and Drawing, and Decorative Arts. It includes magnificent works of art from many European cultures dating from ancient times up until the middle of the 18th century. Several treasures of French and Renaissance art, as well as works from Rome, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, may be found there.

It is advised, before making any further plans, you should be aware of certain key facts about the Louvre Museum, such as its hours, must-see collections, ideal times to visit, and other key details.

The Louvre’s daily visitor count has decreased as a result of the conditions during the time of my visit. This says that fewer Louvre tickets are available for purchase every day. It was my fault for buying Louvre Museum tickets at the desk. You must pay €20 at the desk when purchasing the entry ticket, and €18 online. Students’ entry into the Museum is free.

In my opinion, you should book your tickets online in advance. For a modest €2 more, would you stand in the hot sun for one to two hours? You will save a lot of time for your visit to Paris when combined with the early time slot.

Hall of Louvre Museum
Hall of Louvre Museum

As I entered the museum, I was struck by how large the first hall’s level was; to me, it resembled a shopping mall.

I enjoy this place’s vast, endless hallways, marble staircases with elegant decor handrails, serene windows gazing out at the turquoise sky, and big, crowded garden relaxingly reading while taking in the sights. Throughout the Louvre, there are countless chairs set in the corridors so that you can rest when you’re tired before completing your exploration.

First and foremost, I learned to admire, the renowned Mona Lisa artwork that many people adore.

You should find the Mona Lisa instantly and see it first. To beat the crowd, I hurried to the Mona Lisa after entering the Richelieu wing. run to the gallery containing the Mona Lisa while up the many steps. The new queuing system enables access to the artwork in less than a minute. Even with the wait time, I spent about an hour with the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was in an extremely crowded space.

Mona Lisa Louvre Museum
Mona Lisa Louvre Museum

I focused on how my eyes saw and felt to see whether she was smiling at me (not discussing the scientific or anything else).

Being among the coffins or mummies made me feel cold when I first arrived in the ancient Egypt zone since it appeared quieter and quieter than other areas.

The statue of Venus de Milo-Milo is the next well-known piece I discovered. The most well-known sculpture of Aphrodite, the god of love and splendor in Greek mythology, is an ancient Greek statue. Marble statues are slightly larger than real ones and are sculpted in them.

We then spent roughly 5 hours exploring the remaining magnificence. We walked around and looked at all three wings of this huge museum, enjoying the architecture on the interior and exterior of the structure.

It was late afternoon when I left the Louvre. It’s a cool, incredibly romantic late afternoon.

Last but not least, explore all sides of the Glass Pyramid outside the Louvre Museum. I.M. Pei constructed the Glass Pyramid, which serves as both the entryway and a beautiful complement to the Louvre’s original design.

Some Useful Tips:

  • To skip the long lineups, get your tickets in advance online. It won’t take long to go past security and begin.
  • Always be prepared with your health passport
  • It is strongly advised to get an interactive map and audio tour. Take the museum’s map with you so you will know precisely where to go.
  • Visit the café on the Denon wing’s top floors for a nice view of the Terrance Pyramid and the Palais du Louvre.
  • There are lengthy lineups at the Mona Lisa. Consider arriving extremely early or late in the day.

How To Get Free Entrance to the Museum

Every month’s first Saturday from 18:30 to 21:45, as well as on July 14, Bastille Day, everyone is granted free entry. All year long, the museum is free to enter for anyone below 25 who resides in the European Economic Area (EU, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein).

All tourists under the age of 26 who are from any nation may enter the museum for free on Fridays from 18:30 to 21:45.

Louvre Museum Pyramid Inside view
Louvre Museum Pyramid Inside view

How to Get to the Louvre?

Several routes go to the Louvre:

  1. The Palais-Royal-Musée du Louvre station on the metro (metro line 1).
  2. The following buses stop in front of the Pyramid du Louvre: 21, 24, 27, 39, 48, 68, 69, 72, 81, and 95.
  3. If you have your Car, the Avenue du Général Lemonnier underground garage, available every day from 7:00 to 23:00, offers the most convenient parking.

There are just a select few entrances to the Louvre. Two Louvre entrances are always available to the public: the Glass Pyramid and Passage Richelieu. Depending on the pandemic’s impact on public health, the other Louvre entrances could be locked.

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